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Advanced Dental Implant


Advanced Dental Implant Diploma Accredited by  LEEDS TRAINING COllEGE – United Kingdom

Program Components

1) Introduction to dental implant

2) Endostea implant design and its importance

3) Rationale for implants

4) Understanding bone biology and Osseo integration

5) Explain the anatomical maxillary and mandibular considerations and limitations in relation to implant


6) Patient evaluation and treatment planning

7) Available bone volume and density

8) Implant number / size

9) Implant suturing

10) Recognize diagnostic imaging procedures for the assessment of available bone quantity and quality

11) Radiographic interpretation

12) CT scan related surgical techniques and templates

13) Recognize and identify local conditions which may influence the surgical and/or the prosthetic

implant treatment.

14) Recognize and properly perform referral procedures to medical and dental specialists, when indicated.

15) Complete sequential surgical treatment planning for implant treatment, including alternative


16) Advanced surgical protocols Sinus lifting open or closed, ridge split and ridge augmentation

17) Understand and apply principles for proper hard and soft tissue surgery, such as but not limited to,

incision design, flap preparation, osteotomy preparation, controlled pressure and heat generation-implant

placement, and suturing.

18) Classify and define different prosthetic options for implant dentistry.

19) Treatment planning on mandibular overdentures and single tooth treatment options

Program Duration : ( 160 Credit Hours )

5 Months ( 1 Lecture Week )

Fees :

Egyptians: 14500 LE                                Non Egyptians: 1800 USD

 Instructors :

1) Dr Hossam Nassar ( PhD) ; Lecturer of Removable Prosthodontics, beside the manager of fixed and

removable Prosthodontic Lab, Future University.

2) Dr Hesham Ibrahim ( PhD ) ; Lecturer of Removable Prosthodontics, beside the manager of fixed and

removable Prosthodontic Lab, Future University.

3) Dr Khaled Ekram ( PhD ) ; Assistant Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology , Faculty of Oral

and Dental Medicine ,Cairo University

4) Dr Waleed Fathy ( PhD ) ; Lecturer of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Future University



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